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"The music of Dreaming For Real is exquisite and unabashedly romantic."
Bill Binkelman, Wind & Wire

"Great and sweet melodies..."
V. Arenas, Amazing Sounds

"With dreams the likes of which Mister Potts weaves, who would ever want to wake up?"
Fred Puhan, Music for a New Age

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"Dreaming For Real" now has a brand new look, and has been remastered for even better sound!

In addition, a new version of "Summer Siesta" (track number 5) is included on this CD. This new recording more closely reflects my original concept of the piece, and brings a Spanish flavor to the music (hence "siesta"). I think you will enjoy it.

Thank you for your patience, and I hope you enjoy the music of "Dreaming For Real".


#1 Charting Album, NAV Top 100 Radio Airwaves

Selected by Delta and Singapore Airlines for inflight programming

Chosen by Music Choice for their digital cable music programming

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Dreaming For Real originated in music that Alby dreamt while asleep, then recorded after waking. Most of this album was composed in the quiet of the late night and early morning hours, before the memory of these musical dreams could fade. The music of "Dreaming For Real" is at once romantic, meditative, and spiritual.

Alby used his extensive collection of synthesizers and samplers to create lush musical tone poems that capture the otherworldly sounds of the dreamstate.

"Dreaming For Real" continues to build a strong following of listeners who enjoy new romantic music.

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